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la femmes de david bailey - catherine deneuve

david bailey & catherine deneuve are surrounded by press photographers as they leave st. pancras after their wedding,  august, 1965.

catherine deneuve & david bailey cut their wedding cake, 1965

catherine deneuve walks with her groom david bailey in rome after their wedding, september 1965.

catherine deneuve by david bailey, vogue, august 1965.

catherine deneuve & david bailey at the first annacat fashion show in chelsea, london, 1965.  photograph by patrick lichfield.

catherine deneuve & husband david bailey attend the cannes film festival, 1966

bailey & deneuve

catherine deneuve & david bailey at premiere of the umbrellas of cherbourg, 1965

deneuve by bailey, 1965.

deneuve by bailey, 1966

bailey & deneuve

catherine deneuve by david bailey, 1968.

photographer david bailey was introduced to catherine deneuve by roman polanski, towards the end of the filming of repulsion in 1965. polanski told him, "you're gonna love this french girl i'm making a film with". bailey replied, "no, she's short, and i don't like short women."  when polanski talked her into posing for playboy with bailey photographing her,  "catherine and i just hit it off", bailey recalled. they were married in august of 1965. 

bailey described their seven year marriage as "like trying to manage a maserati when you're used to a ford."  bailey would be deneuve's only husband...she has said, "marriage is obsolete & a trap." although her screen image is cold, bailey has said in interviews that she's not like that. "she's got a good sense of humor - likes a good dirty joke. i love her. we're still friends." 

they separated after 3 years & divorced after 7 years in 1972 (deneuve was already pregnant with marcello mastroianni's child).

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