Wednesday, June 6, 2012


okay, this stuff is beyond amazing.  i wish i had taken a "before" photo, but to be honest, it never crossed my mind that grandeLASH would actually work!  i was a little hesitant to use it - i won't mention the name of the other lash lengthener but you know the commercials with ALL the warnings!  i mean really, i don't think i would chance using a product that can change your eye color .... permanently!!

initially the conversation came up because my eyebrows were sparse.  a friend of a friend (who is a celebrity make-up artist with chanel) suggested i try it & told me she had recommended it to her clients. after researching it i couldn't find any negative medical info so i ordered it.

i have to tell you, i have never, ever used a product that did exactly what it said it would.  i am beyond thrilled with the results.  not only did it lengthen my eyelashes, but they are thicker & darker.  my eyebrows have totally filled in & are thicker & darker as well.

i'm sold & for the first time i am wholeheartedly recommending a product!  now i'm dying to try grande HAIR! for more info go here.

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