Wednesday, April 25, 2012

this week's obsession - daniel turner

daniel turner

the fall of a legacy, encased tar, camphophenique, transparent vinyl, pine, 2007

sooting plexiglass, 2007

mercury release, dropped fluorescent tube from gallery fixture, 2010

untitled, steel wool rubbing, 2011

untitled, sun bleached vinyl, 2010

untitled, iron oxide stain, 2011

untitled wall rubbing, mixed mediums, 2010

genesis 5250, encased tar, camphophenique, transparent vinyl, pine, 2008

the smithsonian broadcast, fluorescent lights installed in a cotton field in south east virginia, fluorescent lights, generators, 2006

all work by daniel turner.

okay, okay, i'll admit that i am incredibly shallow & it was the photograph of the artist, daniel turner, that i first became obsessed with. but then i googled his work & wow. i LOVE it - really, really brilliant & talented artist. although, i would still have to resist the urge to say "come to mama" if i were in the same room with him. mreow.

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