Friday, March 9, 2012


eleanor in max weber's studio, ca. 1951

ca. 1947

eleanor & barbara

eleanor, aix-en-provence, 1958


eleanor, chicago, 1949

eleanor, lake michigan, 1954

a love story
all photographs by harry callahan.

eleanor callahan, wife & muse of photographer harry callahan died of cancer in atlanta on february 28 at the age of 95.  they met on a blind date in 1933 - she was 17 & he was 21 - & married 3 years later.  she worked professionally as a secretary supporting harry until late in his career when his photographs began to command more money. 
"he just liked to take the pictures of me," she told an interviewer in 2008. "in every pose. rain or shine. and whatever i was doing. if i was doing the dishes or if i was half asleep. and he knew that i never, never said no. i was always there for him. because i knew that harry would only do the right thing."

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