Saturday, December 31, 2011


stockholm olympics

mata hari by emilio sommariva

gustav klimt wearing his painter's coat in front of his studio holding one of his cats

consolidated edison from the second avenue elevated, new york, karl struss

the medium eva c. with a materialization on her head and a luminous apparition between her hands, 
a. von schrenck-nötzing

young girl amidst marguerites, alfonse van besten

plate 19 from the storyville portraits, e.j. bellocq
 (photographs from the new orleans red-light district)

white star line advertisement for the return journey of the titanic

street in china, baron adolf de meyer

self portrait, anton josef trčka

washing & bleaching, alfonse van besten

the kiss by constantin brâncuşi

houdini upside down in the water torture cell

marchesa casati, baron adolf de meyer

grand prix de circuit de la seine, june 26,  jacques henri lartigue

lil shuckers (child labor), lewis hine

self portrait, egon schiele

fashion at the auteuill racetrack, france, seeberger brothers

happy new year!  i want to say thank you to all the visitors & followers for real life is elsewhere - it is much appreciated!  here's to 2012!

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