Monday, November 7, 2011

r.i.p. theadora van runkle

bonnie & clyde, 1967

i love you, alice b. toklas!, 1968

bullitt, 1968

the thomas crown affair, 1968

myra breckinridge, 1970

mame, 1974

the godfather: part II, 1974

the best little whorehouse in texas, 1982

rhinestone, 1984

peggy sue got married, 1986

van runkle at the st. regis, 1968

theadora van runkle

theadora van runkle, a self-taught costume designer who earned an oscar nomination for her first picture, bonnie & clyde, died on friday in los angeles at the age of 83 of lung cancer.  these are just a few of the films she worked on. read more at new york times.

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