Thursday, November 10, 2011

dryland farming

all photographs by edward burtynsky.

in the monegros region, man is not quite there yet. nature fights back with a jagged set of teeth & claws, evoked by the rugged geometries of the land & the bold patches of topography that twist & convulse along highly expressive lines. in the flurry of interlocking patterns & colors, one can pick out a miniscule house or two, rogue architecture in the midst of a rich expanse of semi-wilderness. likewise, the famland reveals moments of order, but from these remarkable perspectives, the land is vastly untamed, refusing to heed like the american suburbs. here, man's will to control is tangled up within nature's sobering beauty, producing incredibly original works of art that buzz with the energy of abstract expressionism & grip us with the visceral quality of primitive cave paintings.
dryland farming is currently showing at the bryce wolkowitz gallery & the howard greenberg gallery in new york until december 10, 2011.

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