Wednesday, October 19, 2011

rogi andré

chaim soutine in death, paris, 1943

nude #4, ca. 1936

at the vanity, 1929

andré kertész, self-portrait with friends, hôtel des terrasses, paris, 1926
(rosza is on the left)

chaussure à message, ca. 1940-1950

jacqueline lamba in an aquarium, 1934

self portrait, ca. 1930

rogi andré à paris by lisette model,  ca. 1933

pablo picasso, 1935

portrait of anne-marie edvina with cigarette, 1961

vassily kandinsky on his death-bed, 1944

rosa/rosza (josephine) klein was a hungarian violinist who was married to photographer andré kertész from 1928 to 1932. kertész never spoke of her or their brief marriage. he taught her how to photograph & in homage to him she assumed the name rogi andré.  she specialized in portraits of artists & writers.

the photographer lisette model has said that rogi andré gave her her first photography lesson:
"and now i must say something & give credit to someone. there was kertész's first wife whom he had just left & went away with another one. and she adored him & almost died out of sorrow & he left her without a cent, she was a sick woman. she was a very gifted painter & in order to make a living she had taken up photography but not with a rolleiflex. and i said to her 'could you show me how to take pictures?' she said 'yes'. she didn't know how to work with the rolleiflex either but that wasn't too difficult. and she went around paris with me maybe four or five times and she called mer her daily bread. she showed me how to handle that rolleiflex & one day she said 'what do you see around here?' well, i said 'this woman, maybe this guy there, & maybe this' & she said 'never, ever photograph anything you feel lukewarm about, only what you are passionately interested in.' ...and that is the only lesson in photography i ever got. her name is rogi andré."

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  1. What a great story .. finding it hard to locate a good biog of Rogi who seems very important but rather overlooked