Saturday, July 30, 2011

roger schall

assia, 1933

coco chanel, 1937

christian berard sketching a model in the offices of paris vogue, ca. 1930s

l'élégance à bicyclette, paris occupé, 1940

vendeur de fromages de chevre, paris, 1935

jean cocteau sketching model elizabeth gibbons in a chanel dress in his hotel bedroom (castille in the rue cambon), 1937

nu, 1933

occupied paris, juin, 1940

hélène adant, séance de pose avec lucienne bernard, villa le rêve, vence, 1946 

marlene dietrich in paris, 1939

diana slip lingerie, ca. 1920s

born in 1904, roger schall was one of the most renowned photographers of the 1930s & 1940s. he worked in all photographic disciplines from fashion, portraits, nudes, still lives & reporting. he began working with his father, a portrait photographer in 1918. 10 years later he would be one of the first reporters to work with a leica or rolleiflex. in 1939, he closed the studio-agency he had opened with his brother .from june 1940 to august 1944 he photographed german occupied paris - hiding the negatives so they would not be seen by the censorship. when the occupation was over his brother, raymond schall, published a book: a paris sous la botte des nazis (paris under the heel of the nazis) that was illustrated with the photographs of roger schall, parry, doisneau, the seeberger brothers and many others. he then continued working in fashion, doing commercial & publicity work instead of news reporting. from 1970 until his death in 1995, he would manage his archive of some 80,000 images.

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