Sunday, April 18, 2010

alaia: there's a fatigue in fashion

stephanie seymour photographed by gilles bensimon for flaunt.

azzedine alaia is interviewed by long nguyen for the new issue of flaunt. "there's a fatigue in fashion, i think. designer fashion is different now. designers cannot create so many collections - cruise and pre-fall, accessories-when normally two a year is more than sufficient. a designer simply cannot invent something new every two months or so. it takes six months of research and work to build a silhouette. i work until very late every morning since i do many things by myself. personally, i know it's not possible. that's the reason why fashion today does not change very much. there is no time to think, to invent something new. you can no longer be excited or surprised. rarely is there any freshness."
he collects vintage: vionnet, balenciaga, poiret, schiaparelli, comme des gar├žons, margiela & watanabe and says that if he had the time, he'd love to design a collection for h&m.

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  1. I think Axel Rose was so lucky to marry her, I love the second image; her dress and the lighting is perfect.