Thursday, February 4, 2010

les femmes de jacques henri-lartigue - bibi

bibi on their honeymoon, 1919

bibi at the hotel des alpes chamonix, 1920

bibi, paris, 1921

bibi in marseille, 1928

bibi, hotel des alpes, 1930

bibi was the first wife....lartigue met madeleine messager whom he nicknamed "bibi" in 1917 and they married in december in 1919. they had a son, dani in 1921 and a daughter véronique in 1924, who died a few months later. they were married until 1931. i can find very little information on her but i do know that he met renée perle (more on her later) in 1930 and she was his companion and model until 1932. i can only assume she was his mistress and possibly the reason for the end of their marriage. bibi stayed on in st. tropez and you can visit her home that she lived in with her son dany. it is called the la masion des papillions (house of butterflies).

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